During this second meeting on the 25th of march the Erasmus team was welcomed  at the main building of our school by teachers, pupils and parents. Pupils played national anthems and the 5 teams were presented to the parents.  The local press was involved in the event. Late in the morning, the Erasmus guests  played coding games with the pupils of classes 5. The expected results of this activity was to increase the knowledge of English by giving direction according to the Cody Roby game. In the afternoon, the Italian school headmaster presented the Italian school system , after the presentation,  the meeting went on making the point of the situation of project and presenting the I Theatre, a device to digitalize the stories and drawings made by our pupils.
On the next day, the 26th The guest teachers visited and were welcomed at our second building, the pupils of year 5 presented the myth of Talos which represents our city, afterwards the guests visited the other classes where they had conversations with the pupils during an open English lesson. In the afternoon there was another session to discuss about the e twinning website.
On the 27th of March there was the visit to our third building attended by pupils in their first and second year of primary school. They presented coding games, very important to make them learn the right and the left and an electronic book made with the drawings of the youngest children. Our guests met again the pupils of class 5 with whom they made a tinker lab to create a didactical game with led lights, batteries, copper wires and puzzles to be solved if the  questions and answers are  correctly connected , the led light lights on, then  the answer is correct. Our children taught the guest teachers how to make it and then each school had its didactical game. It was a learn by doing moment where pupils were compelled to repeat subjects in order to make the folders. They renewed interest in all subjects and developed the STEAM ones.  They also felt satisfied because they proved they could speak English and teach grown ups.  Once teachers will teach this activities to their pupils they will really love it. It is a lab moment, easy to do in a classroom.  The expected results are: making children interest grow thanks to the kindergarten approach (Project, Passion, Peer, Play)  present in this lesson and the sharing of materials to be translated and used in the other schools. The Polish team made a tinker lab, too that included creativity, planning and design.
On the next day,the 28th  there was a visit to Matera, European culture capital for 2019.
On the 29th after a visit to our national archeological museo Jatta and Castel del Monte, there was a visit to Itel one of the most important company in Italy that produces radiopharmaceutical and protontherapy devices to cure cancer.
Late in the afternoon in a city park, to involve every citizen, there was the final show with a children flute orchestra that played traditional music of each country and the cavatelli challenge where all the teams had to prepare our traditional pasta being judged by some grandma.

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